We engineer software

Many programmers develop software but engineers make guarantees. By measuring what we can and monitoring we ensure feedback at every level from design to deploy. We can only improve what we measure.

A dream is just a project without a schedule

Software development is notoriously difficult to plan and execute. Our process involves our clients at every iteration of our cycle to provide feedback when it's most valuable. This way everyone knows the plan and shares the dream.

Let's start a conversation

Let us know what's going on and we'll see how we can help.

Every journey begins with a single step

We're always happy to talk, even if you haven't figured everything out yet. It's ok not to know the first thing about making software. That's what we're here for.


If you don't see your question here, let us know.

What technologies do you use?

We use the best tool for the job. Being smart is knowing a lot of things. Being intelligent is knowing how those things fit together. Wisdom is knowing what actions to take and when. Experience teaches us to know what questions to ask, to challenge our assumptions, and reevaluate when necessary.

We assess the needs of each project. We use hammers for nails and PostgreSQL for relational data. New technologies afford us new opportunities for efficiency and optimizing certain metrics, but if all we need is a text file, we'll use that too.

In our previous work we've used the following.

Do you work with Tangerine®?

Tangerine® is an free and open-source application for Early Grade Reading Assessments. Josh Anderson worked on Tangerine® for RTI between 2012-2015 as lead developer and continues to develop new features at Also Engineering. Also Engineering's version is a "fork," which is not the official version, but based on a successful, battle-tested version from 2015. Tangerine® is a registered trademark of RTI international. The source code itself is released under the GPL3 license which guarantees it remains free and open source.

As such, we view it as a platform to customize to help our clients accomplish their goals. We have also provided services training assessors for data collections along side software development activities.

Our process

Normally, we'll set up a meeting to get to know each other and get to know your process. Our number one priority is your business goal, what you're actually trying to do without ever mentioning the word "app." Defining what success for the project is in measurable terms is important at this stage. If you have a runaway spreadsheet and need to tie it all together, we can measure person-hours saved and invalid data caught.

Once we decide on the scope of the project we break down our tasks and deliverables and set a price. Once work has begun on the project we will create an account for you on our issue tracker so you can see progress and communicate over specific points. This process helps documentation and to flush out unknown unknowns as early as possible.

Handover occurs when you are in control of everything we have built and receive all documentation, deliverables and artifacts as our contract specifies.

Past clients